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Providing Customized Solutions


We provide you with solutions for issues you are facing with when promoting your business, or solutions for something you might need to tackle with in the future along with starting business in either US or Japan. We will help you. From feasibility study, consultant engagement, to business development and deployment, and to business management task on your behalf. We cover both in US and Japan. Listed below are our service ut not limited to those.

  • Business consultant

    • Market survey​

    • Business model analysis

    • Product launch proposals

    • Collaborative research agreement with academia

    • Strategic alliance with corporations

    • Plan, manage, and support conferences and exhibitions

    • Investment and management

    • Patent applicationa and management

    • Translations, interpreter

    • Create product collaterals

    • Advertisement

  • Actual business operations and deployment

    • Your distributor / rep

    • Logistics management

    • Office setup

    • Propose business models

We will be happy to support you in any way you want. We look forward to working with you.

Nishijima Enterprises, Inc. & US-Japan alliance team

Takashi (Carney) Nishijima

President & CEO

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