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Stunning Partnering Results and Global Solutions.

Dear future clients,

Nishijima Enterprises, Inc. is a San Jose, California based US-Japan focused consulting, business development, and trading company specializing in high-tech business arena. Yes, we are doing business in the heart of the Silicon Valley for 30+ years! We cover US-Japan, of course, and beyond. We help you develop, establish market presence, and yet grow your business starting from scratch. For those who have new products, IP's, or even ideas in your country hoping to market them in other countries, say, US or Japan, or even beyond, please let us work for you as your extended arm. If you are looking for any business seeds such as products, IP's, or any other business opportunites you have in mind, we can search your them on your behalf. If you are in the US and need someone in Japan, "Don't Worry," we have many allied associate partners in Japan. Vice versa, if you are in Japan and having the similar problem, "No, problem!," we also have allied partners in the US coast to coast. Please contact us at any time by filling in the contact form.

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